Industry Development Programme

The #DTTT's Industry Development Programme is designed to help DMOs deliver a structured plan to support the digitalisation, growth and competitiveness of their tourism industry.

The Programme is built according to the destination's needs and can be run in a series of stages. The aim is to provide targeted action on specific needs assessed challenges faced by SMEs on an everyday basis.

Helping DMOs Transform Their Industry

Every DMO has a responsibility to their industry, to help them develop and keep the destination competitive.
To help you as a DMO deliver on your brand, we work with the core pillars of the brand to help translate into strong brand rich visitor experiences and expand the brand's social footprint through a coherent content plan activated by industry.

Understanding Micro Enterprise Challenges

Every tourism industry, even in some of the most successful destinations, is made up of a myriad of small and micro-enterprises, all working to succeed in their individual business ideas.
With an acute understanding of the needs and challenges of micro-enterprises, often 'one man band' outfits, we help them with highly tactical steps they can take, as well as shifting mindset to embrace the wider strategic opportunities.
Destination Management Plan Implementation

The Industry Development Programme is the perfect compliment to your DMP, whether it's fully developed or you're in the process of creating a development plan.

The Digital Maturity Assessment

The Digital Maturity Assessment created by the #DTTT aims to audit businesses across a range of different factors, looking at all aspects of their business. The key areas include Culture & Organisation, Technology & Innovation, Market & Industry, Product & Content.
Each business gets a score card, tailored recommendations and guidance on how they can improve on each aspect of the assessment.
Regional Digitalisation Benchmark

Benchmarking is a critical factor in understanding how you fare against others in the market. Thanks to the consistency of the Digital Maturity Assessment, we allow you to benchmark how your region's businesses perform against other regions elsewhere. This helps you to gauge the overall level of digitalisation in your industry but also set KPIs for improvement over time.

Business Coaching & Mentoring

The #DTTT's team of experts can create a follow-up plan of business coaching with businesses who have undertaken the assessment, designed to help give them one-to-one guidance on where they can take action and make improvements in their business.

Spending 2-3 hours with an expert, in person or in a virtual room helps businesses get access to direct support on specific decisions within their business activities. Our experts are trained in business coaching and follow a structured process to interview, provide a qualitative analysis and offer concrete recommendations.

Digital Trends & Skill Development

Complimenting assessments and coaching with a broader capacity building programme helps you to provide vision and strategic guidance, followed-up with hands-on operational guidance.

The #DTTT is highly experienced in running a range of industry training, workshop sessions and trend sessions, helping businesses and destinations to identify opportunities on the horizon and consider the impact for them.

Product & Experience Co-Creation

Experiential travel is one of the biggest trends impacting the industry right now and it's a shift that DMOs cannot afford to ignore. The #DTTT's extensive Product & Experience work can be brought in and the right point to aide with Product & Experiences Co-Creation among businesses.

There are minimal barriers however to getting started. We kick-off as part of a regular industry development programme with one-to-one business networking, to help businesses in a region identify possible collaborations.

Led by an experienced team

The #DTTT's Expert team is on-hand to help at each stage in the Industry Development Process, from designing the initial assessments, through to mentorship coaching and industry training.

Speak to us about Development

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