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Barrence Mutz

The Trip Boutique AG

About us:
The Trip Boutique is a travel intelligence platform. Our turnkey travel-as-a-service solution gives destinations and travel partners the superpowers to offer hyper-personalized travel advisory to their visitors and clients without effort - while gaining access to potent data insights.
How we work with DMOs:
Our digital tools use AI and Machine Learning to produce hyper-personalized travel itineraries that match your visitors' interests, tastes and budgets with the best-suiting points of interest, experiences, attractions and services. Get a head start on the opportunities AI brings to tourism organizations: · Elevate your visitors' experience. · Showcase your destination in an innovative way. · Get in-depth data insights about your visitors and how your offers, content and products appeal to them. · Start selling in a hyper-targeted manner.
Exemplary work: