2024 Roadmap

Get a taste of what's to come from the DTTT towards the end of the year and into 2024.

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Here's what we covered

  • New and updated leadership programmes, including the next series of the SLP and new fundamental courses in design thinking and AI strategy and leadership.
  • Fresh member insight series, such as the Digital-Sustainable Transformation Series and the Digital Trends & Marketing Series.
  • Three new events: Future. Destination. Brand, X Festival 2024, and X Design Week 2024.
  • A specialist ecosystem to provide specialized support for horizon technology developments.

New Member Insight Series'

"Digital has evolved, it has become far more complex and wide reaching and we're adapting our membership content to reflect this shift". We're doing this with new collections.

For many years now, we've championed the importance of digitalisation across the entire tourism ecosystem, especially as a driver for change and transformation - whether that's digitally augmented product and experiences or supply-chain transparency.

We're launching two dedicated series' to reflect this major shift in tourism today:

Digital Trends & Marketing Series

The first of these series is a new Digital Trends & Marketing Series, because whilst the scope for digital innovation has expanded, our members need digital to deliver more than ever, by staying on the cutting-edge of digital trends and consumer behaviour.

We'll be launching the following collections to help you get you master your game:

  • Long-Form Media
  • Short-Form Media
  • Generative AI
  • Immersive Content
  • Brand Mashups
  • Data Driven Marketing
  • Mega Trends

Digital-Sustainable Transformation Series

The second series focuses on the many exciting developments in relation to destinations making that shift, to become more competitive at a product and experience level and more transformative in their mission to be purpose-led and sustainability driven.

To provide the right leadership on this, we're going to launch a series of collections focusing on:

  • Tourism Industry Digitalisation
  • Experiential Travel & Horizon Technology
  • Digitally Driven Sustainable Transformation
  • Open Data Strategy, Policy & Management

2024 Events

If you thought all of that wasn't exciting enough, wait until you see what we have in store for 2024! Next year is set to be absolutely packed, with events designed to help you explore, ideate and take toll of every major trend and development in tourism globally. 2024 is a year not to be missed!

10th - 12th April 2024

We're so excited to tell you about X. Design Week 2024, which will be hosted in Athens, together with our partners from Marketing Greece.

Joins us for two days exploring every major trend in tourism, in a truly collaborative environment. X. Design Week is all about co-design, exploring ideas, discussing developments and hearing from peers in a truly unique format where the DTTT is your facilitator. What better place to do that than with the inspirational backdrop of Athens - a truly wonderful destination to visit.

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27th - 28th November 2024

Did somebody say festival? X. Festival 2024 is set to bring a groundbreaking gathering of the very best in tourism, bringing together leading brands from across the global tourism industry to showcase what they're doing and how they're transforming tourism.

In true festival spirit, we're making X. Festival 2024 a gathering not only of the world's leading destination and travel brands, but a gathering of brilliant tech start-ups from across the industry. This event is set to be fun, inspiring and productive, so make sure it's in your diary as a must-attend event and get yourself over to snowy Estonia next winter.


Join us for X. Awards 2024, where a set of award categories give recognition to the very best in tourism. Submit for five award categories plus vote on The People's Choice Award which is all about who your favourite is.

Check out the 2024 award categories:

The Transformation Award

This Award is all about industry products and experiences, whether these are at a concept level or fully executed, standing out in the overall design of their initiatives. Additionally, this Award looks to recognise the true leaders of placemaking, through leadership, cultural richness, identity and design, demonstrating the role of people and community can play in shaping that sense of place.

The Partnership Award

This Award is about recognising destinations and organisations which stood out for their strength, originality and effectiveness in supporting local industry. We're looking for those who have worked to create impact by supporting the industry to be more digitally competitive, resilient and adaptable to current trends.

The Purposeful Brand Award

It is widely recognised that sustainability will define our industry's recovery. This Award recognises strong initiatives and excellent leadership, seeking to identify those not only saying, but also doing and succeeding, when it comes to sustainability, ensuring our industry creates a positive impact on communities, people and planet.

The Digital Impact Award

After a year like no other, in which digital has dominated our daily lives, the Digital Impact Award gives recognition to those who have created cut-through with the most impactful, innovative and uniquely engaging digital brand concepts in the industry today.

The Leadership Award

This award recognises individuals, organisations, and businesses that have made significant contributions to the tourism industry. The award honours those who have demonstrated outstanding leadership, innovation, and commitment to promoting tourism and creating economic opportunities.

This is set to be a mind-blowing line-up of best in class from the world's leading tourism players.

Brand New Leadership Programmes

Following the huge success of our leadership programmes for tourism, the knowledge team have been hard at work developing a suite of new leadership programmes for 2024. To sum it up, our leadership programmes are designed to equip the next generation of leaders with the human-centred skills necessary to navigate change, wherever it comes from.

Whether you're new to the industry or looking to evolve within it, each programme gives you the strategic capability and insight, together with the methods and techniques, to become an in-house or external change maker. These programmes build on broad, soft skills, so you can lead any team or organisation through change.

Design Thinking Fundamentals

Design Thinking forms the basis of everything we do and it's widely considered as an essential skill to have within teams. It focuses on putting human-centred experiences, covering the five key stages of Design Thinking, aligning these with tourism's needs and challenges.

Whether you're a DMO or tourism start-up, the Design Thinking Fundamentals programme will equip you for any challenge.


AI Strategy & Leadership

The most transformative development in technology for more than a decade, this programme invites you to explore how to navigate AI at any level within an organisation. Starting wtih the fundamentals and strategic principles, we then explore getting the right data, investing in the right solutions and considering key considerations, such as ethics.


Leadership Programme

Now entering its third year, our Sustainability Leadership Programme consists of five modules, more than 50 cases and more than 20 guided templates so you can become an agent of change.


All leadership programmes will run twice over each 12 month period in scheduled cohorts, meaning teams or student groups can enrol together and share insights between themselves. There are two live drop-in discussions sessions per semester, with each offering a professional certificate from the DTTT, certifying successful completion of a final exam.

Embracing the EU's Transition Pathway

Here at the Digital Tourism Think Tank, we have made five key pledges in support of the EU's Transition Pathway for Tourism, supporting. In particular, this means we are 100% behind the European Commission's commitment to supporting the twin transition in tourism, investing in digitalisation and sustainability as key drivers for competitiveness.

Here's a snapshot at how we're supporting this:

  • Developing a new Sustainable, Digital Transition Methodology as a blueprint to driving change.
  • Building a  corporate book of pledges highlighting actions to accelerate transformation in tourism.
  • Launching open access Growth Membership to SMEs, opening knowledge and inspiration to all.
  • Initiating a Horizon Technologies in Tourism Lab to build a knowledge-hub of pioneering research.
  • Publishing a Transition Pathway Podcast to establish deep insights from those leading the change.

We think this makes a pretty exciting programme and we hope you'll be joining this as we come together to collectively drive transformation across our industry.

We're building an Ecosystem of Specialists

Advisory has always been just one way in which we support the industry to spot trends, examine their competitive positioning and lead a bold process of transformation. As technology requires increasingly narrow specialisms, we're building an ecosystem of specialists to provide specialised support around horizon technology developments. If you're interested to be part of this, just reach out to the team.