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DTTT Horizon Event

Tue, February 8 • 3:00PM CET

Join live for this special event, where we'll reveal exciting developments at the DTTT and what you can expect for the coming year. If engagement matters for you, this is an event not to miss.

1. Live Round-Up: Introduction to Sustainability Co-Design

Thu, February 17 • 12:30PM GMT

Join this live round-up to discuss learnings and key takeaways of Module 1 and prepare for the following sessions.

2. Understanding Sustainability: Key Issues at Play

Mon, February 21 • 12:30PM GMT

Sit back and relax, while we guide you through the key concepts we need to consider to fully understand sustainability. Check out the agenda for the day, an introduction to the second module of the programme.

2. Understanding Sustainability: Key Issues at Play Live Discussion

Tue, February 22 • 12:30PM GMT

Time to kick off the discussion around the second stage of this programme: Understanding Sustainability: Key Issues at Play.

2. Understanding Sustainability: Key Issues at Play Live Round-Up

Tue, March 17 • 12:30PM BST

Join us live as we round-up and discuss what we've learnt from the second module of the sustainability leadership programme.

Member Hack #1 - Planning Your Business Recovery

Wed, February 24 • 3:15PM GMT

For most businesses, this is their first priority. In this track, we provide the tools, remote-workshops and outcomes you need to make immediate decisions. This track focuses on protecting what's strong, identifying opportunity and investing in your recovery potential.

Stewardship as a Driving Force Behind the Brand

Fri, December 4 • 5:30PM GMT

This session is all about purposeful marketing, asking the question "can destination stewardship become a key driving force behind the brand?".

Touch Video Academy Workshop

Fri, December 4 • 2:45PM GMT

This session will conclude the Business Track of X. Imagine so that you can learn practical skills to promote your brand and bring your destination or business story in every home and office.

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