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Amsterdam Marketing: Overcrowding in the city

Nico will be discussing the impact of overcrowding in Amsterdam, and how the city is tackling this evergrowing issue.

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Digitalisation, Experience & Product Development for Finland

Finnair are branching out from the aviation industry to develop a new business vision for the future; promoting and selling authentic Nordic experiences to their visitors, and they're doing it all from scratch.

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How Amsterdam is Working to Tackle Overtourism

Amsterdam Marketing has been actively participating in responsible tourism development for the city, particularly responsible urban tourism.

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What is the Impact of Overcrowding?

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Targeting Growth Markets in Asia

At this year’s DTTT Global, the topic of conversation is ‘The Future of Travel’ and a strong theme recurring throughout the programme is the steady rise of the Asian market.

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Pioneering Data & Technology for the Asian Market

Following an astronomical rise in Chinese travellers over the years, Helsinki has partnered with the internet service giant Tencent and its popular Chinese mega platform WeChat, to launch the revolutionary WeChat Helsinki Mini programme.

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