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Welcoming visitors back to Puerto Rico

Discover Puerto Rico is the newly established, non-profit destination marketing organisation for the island of Puerto Rico, responsible for all global sales and marketing.

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5 reasons why we’re excited for #DTTTGlobal 2018

#DTTTGlobal is just over a week away and we are all getting very excited here at DTTT HQ!

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Marketing Canada's first national park with a data-driven approach

Diane Bures, Director of Consumer Marketing at Banff and Lake Louise Tourism will be joining us at #DTTTGlobal and we are looking forward to hearing about the different marketing initiatives it has developed to enhance the visitor experience while always encouraging responsible tourism.

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Cut-through editorial, ambassadors & storytelling

We are excited to have Kerri Verbeke Kapich joining us from San Diego Tourism, sharing learnings and insights about content creation, localising content and the Chinese market. Here's a preview of what you can expect.

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Amsterdam Marketing: Overcrowding in the city

Nico will be discussing the impact of overcrowding in Amsterdam, and how the city is tackling this evergrowing issue.

| #overtourism#overcrowding#DTTTGlobal#Amsterdam

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Digitalisation, Experience & Product Development for Finland

Finnair are branching out from the aviation industry to develop a new business vision for the future; promoting and selling authentic Nordic experiences to their visitors, and they're doing it all from scratch.

| #finnair#experience development#product development#digital

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