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Designing a Sustainable Destination with Visit Finland

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Sustainable Tourism for the Faroe Islands Towards 2025

We caught up with Levi Hanssen, Content & Communications Manager at Visit Faroe Islands, to talk all things overtourism, voluntourism and preservolution, ahead of their talk at #DTTTGlobal later this year.

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Think Sustainably with Helsinki Marketing

The city of Helsinki is determined to reduce emissions by 60% by 2030 and to be completely carbon neutral by 2035. Find out how the city is implementing initiatives to achieve this goal.

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Designing Sustainable Destinations

How one destination aims to get 20 destinations, 1,000 businesses and the entire destination socially, economically and ecologically sustainable by 2030.

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5 Questions with Tourism Ireland

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Buenos Aires Tourist Intelligence System

We explore the use of valuable data from multiple touchpoints in the visitor journey to shape the destination experience and understand tourism flows to manage the destination's tourism supply, and develop a marketing strategy around key data insights.

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