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Pioneering Data & Technology for the Asian Market

Following an astronomical rise in Chinese travellers over the years, Helsinki has partnered with the internet service giant Tencent and its popular Chinese mega platform WeChat, to launch the revolutionary WeChat Helsinki Mini programme.

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Australian Tourism Data Warehouse: National Content Distribution

The ATDW is Australia’s National Tourism Database of 40,000 listings, divided into 11 categories. State Government owned and funded, it collects, quality assures, stores and then distributes Australia’s digital travel information to over 250 distributors to use on their consumer websites and apps.

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How one Finnish Startup is Shaping the Future of Travel

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Space Nation: Tourism of the Future

With a mission to democratise space travel, Space Nation are making space odyssey a reality.

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Helsinki Airport's Focus on Innovation

Helsinki is the central hub between Europe and Asia serving the shortest route between each continent, and Finavia, the Finnish airport operator facilitating international flight connections for all airports in Finland, is a key part in this customer journey. Find out more about the strategy

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Becoming a Smart Destination with Visit Finland

Kaisa Kosonen, Digital Development Manager at Visit Finland, caught up with Nick Hall ahead of #DTTT Global to discuss the mission to become a Smart Destination by the end of 2020, and how Visit Finland is on route to achieving this.

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